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Dental Handpiece Repair – Dental Equipment Repair - Chicago - True Spin Dental

20 Feb OEM vs. Aftermarket Handpiece Repair

Repairnig your dental handpieces comes down to two main options: OEM Repair or Aftermarket Repair. Here's a look at both options. OEM Handpiece Repair: repair conducted by the original manufacturer using the same parts initially made for that handpiece. Aftermarket Handpiece Repair: a secondary market that conducts...

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23 Jan Why Handpieces Break?

To understand why handpieces break, you first have to understand the anatomy of a dental handpiece. There are three important subcategories of handpieces: highspeed, slowspeed, and electrics.  In this article we will describe the handpiece's function and techniques to keep them running longer. Here's some advice on each category from the...

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