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10 Aug In-Home Dentistry Service in San Francisco

A new service called Porcelane offers on demand in-home dentistry in patient’s homes. With this service, a dentist bring a mobile dental suite into patient’s living rooms. Also, businesses can use Porcelane to service employees.

In-Home Dentistry Process

Porcelane outlines the process on their website as follows:

  • Book an appointment online. Patients can make appointments seven days a week, and on evenings.
  • The dentist arrives and can use any six-foot by six-foot space to set up the mobile dental suite. Surprisingly, setting up the mobile dental suite takes only ten minutes.
  • The dentist completes the appointment and leaves the house just as it was before the appointment.

On Demand Dentistry

On demand dentistry is not a new concept. In fact, many schools bring in dentists for children, especially in low-income areas. Further, some dentists also have in-home dentistry appointments for elderly patients. In a society where apps can summon everything on demand from drivers to massage therapists, Porcelain applied this to in-home dentistry.

In-Home Dentistry Considerations

There are a few considerations to providing in-home dentistry service. First, due to the on demand nature of in-home dentistry, the service areas must remain local. Currently, Porcelain only services San Francisco and surrounding areas.

A second consideration is insurance. Porcelain notes on its website that it is considered out-of-network care for insurance companies. A patient’s dental insurance may claim dentistry services in a person’s home is not an allowable benefit.

Preparing patients for their appointment is another consideration. New patients will need to gather relevant dental and medical history before their appointment. Lastly, appointment reminders are important to ensure the patient is home and prepared for the appointment.

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