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Slow Speed Handpiece Motors


Dental Handpiece Repair – Dental Equipment Repair - Chicago - True Spin Dental

Slow Speed Handpiece Attachment


Dental Handpiece Repair – Dental Equipment Repair - Chicago - True Spin Dental

Latch or Friction Grip Head


Dental Handpiece Repair – Dental Equipment Repair - Chicago - True Spin Dental

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Slow Speed Handpiece Repairs

Low speed dental handpieces operate on a combination of gear and bearing assemblies that interlock.  These assemblies work together to provide speed and torque.  Low speed motors break when a portion of the gear/bearing assembly locks up or breaks.  Broken motors have a noticeable change in operating sound, speed and torque.

The first thing we do when repairing a low speed motor, angle or head is completely disassemble and clean each of the components.  Low speed motors break down into 20-30 parts (depending on model) that get heavily covered in debris during usage and sterilization.  This debris gets caught in every crevice, gear, and bearings ultimately causing them to fail.

Every repair includes new bearings, bushings, o-rings, and seals.  This is commonly known as an overhaul.

Also included when needed is the replacement of worn gears, springs, rotor veins, drive shaft, chuck.  Other companies have additional charges associated with replacing these items.  We include these in our standard repair fees when replacement is needed.

Additional low speed services include re-threading, new housing, motor/angle/head replacement.

Low Speed Cannot be Fixed?

Our goal is to leave you better-off than before you sent your handpiece in.  In the rare case of a dental handpiece not being able to be fixed, we stock 1000’s of brand name refurbished handpieces available for sale.  We want to save you money on the same name brand handpieces your trust.

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