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14 Sep Why School Dental Clinics are Beneficial

True Spin Dental recently came across an opinion piece explaining why school dental clinics are beneficial for everyone. Some points of the opinion piece are outlined below. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not represent or reflect the views of True Spin Dental.

Opinion: School dental clinics good for kids, taxpayers

Once each week, a dental hygienist comes to a school in Sacramento, California to clean children’s teeth and do routine exams. This school dental clinic is important for children without regular access to dental care. Afterwards, the hygienist sends the results of the routine exam and the child’s dental record to a local dentist. The local dentist reviews the child’s file. If necessary, the dentist will schedule full office visits with children who need more dental care.

This initiative in Sacramento is funded by grants from non-profit foundations. In addition, state and federal governments reimburse school dental clinic exams atthe same rates as traditional office visits.

If this program expands, millions of low-income children will have access to dental care. Further, school dental clinics eliminates multiple week waits for children who only receive dental care through specific programs in California.

The school dental clinics also help the teachers and administrators think about their oral care. When the hygienist attends school dental clinics at the same school, children and adults alike think more about their dental care. Also, the hygienist becomes well known and trusted, and can hand out toothbrushes, floss, and advice to anyone.

Read the full opinion piece here

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