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22 Mar Considerations For Choosing A Handpiece Repair Company

There are countless unusable, broken handpieces sitting in dental offices across the country. You probably have a few collecting dust in your drawers right now. Instead of making due with the ones that are working or investing money in new ones, dentists are seeking to find a reliable dental handpiece repair company to fix what is currently broken without any unnecessary expenditure.

Once repaired, dental handpieces can be put back into rotation. Having more handpieces increases your staff’s efficiency by not having to wait for other handpieces in use or in the sterilizer. Repairs can be completed at a fraction of the price of buying new handpieces, which keeps your capital expenses low and maximizes the original purchase investment.

Repairing handpieces is far more affordable and efficient than replacing them – with one caveat – you select the right dental handpiece repair company to do the work. As more and more dentists are turning to these companies, it’s becoming easier to separate the good from the bad if you know what to look for in:

  • Expertise
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Service & Warranty

Vetting level of expertise

Dental handpiece repair companies are difficult to vet without some kind of trial and error process. Like any service or repair industry, you must look at reviews, referrals and experience to vet the quality of work you’ll receive before working with a company. Dentists must do their research to what choices they have in dental handpiece repair companies and vet each of them before making a final decision on whom to use for repairs. Though this process is not very scientific or exact, it works.

The average dental handpiece’s lifespan ranges from 10 to 14 months. How long a handpiece lasts is directly correlated to the dentist’s care and usage of the tool. The better and more frequently a dentist cleans and oils their handpieces, the longer a handpiece will last between repairs. If you track and find your handpieces are lasting close to the average lifespan of 10-14 months, then you and your handpiece repair company are doing a good job; however, if you feel your maintenance procedures are thorough and your handpieces are only lasting a few weeks or months, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Another indicator of the quality of work of a dental handpiece repair company is the length of time they have been in business. Handpiece repair is a competitive industry with low barriers to entry meaning anyone can enter, but only the good companies last. Long-term success in the industry displays quality and expertise. In other words, if they’ve been around a while, they must be doing something right.

If anyone understands the gravity of a referral, it’s a dentist who grows a practice largely from patient referrals. Ask colleagues which dental handpiece repair companies they use and it’s a safe bet you can trust them too.

Repairs should take days not weeks

When a company states that it will take weeks to repair a dental handpiece, it’s a clear indicator that there is a middleman involved. Some companies outsource repairing handpieces to third parties, which adds an extra step and additional shipping time.

When handpieces are returned in days, like True Spin Dental does, the repair work is done on site by the company’s own technicians. Not only does this help ensure consistent quality in the repair work completed, but also decreases the turnaround time: from when the handpiece is picked up or shipped to when its returned to the office for use.

One of the greatest factors that delay repair is the dentist’s ability to approve a work order in a timely manner. Once received, dental handpieces are evaluated, then a work order detailing the repair and cost is generated. The work order needs to be approved in a timely manner before repairs can begin. The more time it takes to give approval, the longer it will take to get the handpiece back to the office and into rotation.

Cost comparisons

 When repair quality is equal, the choice of handpiece repair companies often boils down to price and turnaround time. While it’s a safe bet that the original manufacturer will do excellent repair work, the cost will range between $200 and $400 and will take 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on the manufacturer.

True Spin Dental’s repair costs are half of what manufacturers charge and the turnaround time is days compared to weeks.

Repairs backed by a warranty

 All dental handpiece repair work should be backed by a warranty. Warranties in the dental handpiece repair industry range from 3 – 12 months. At True Spin Dental, we offer six months of full coverage with the option of extending up to two years, which is well above industry standards.

The length and comprehensiveness of True Spin Dental’s warranty is a reflection of the company’s commitment to exceptional handpiece repair work.

You know you have selected the best dental handpiece repair company when the work is done right the first time, is completed within days, costs half the manufacturer’s price and is backed by an industry-leading warranty. Try True Spin Dental today for a full-service solution to all of your handpiece repair needs.

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