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High Speed Handpiece Repairs – $129

Each True Spin Dental high speed handpiece repair includes a new USA-made turbine made with ceramic ball bearings, extended-life high-temperature o-rings, and a no-slip spindle/chuck assembly.


We conduct a comprehensive check of the drive air, chip air, and water and exhaust lines to make sure there aren’t leaks or losses of pressure.  We also clean and polish the external housing of the high speed dental handpiece to restore its aesthetic appeal.

After we complete a high speed handpiece repair, we test for the proper torque, speed (rpm), and db (noise level) using a Micron high precision magnetic tester.  We test all handpieces at the psi recommended by the manufacturer.

See our highspeed handpiece repair process for our detailed approach to repairing each handpiece.

What makes us different?

True Spin Dental has specialized in handpiece repairs since 2007 and has expertise in the field. Often, aftermarket dental handpiece repair companies have a reputation for poor-quality repairs.  Each handpiece repair is only as good as the quality of parts used.  The dental field has a limited number of parts suppliers and choosing a reputable supplier can make or break a repair company.  Over time, True Spin Dental has created strong relationships with quality parts suppliers allowing every repair to be equivalent to manufacturers specifications.

In our dental handpiece repair service, we always replace the full turbine.  Aftermarket companies commonly advertise a complete overhaul or rebuild, which is a costly shortcut.  Even though these services include replacement of worn bearings and o-rings, they fail to acknowledge any wear placed on the spindle/chuck mechanism.  This oversight can be dangerous and harmful if not tested properly.   Below, see pictures showing the difference between a new spindle/chuck compared to a used but still “acceptable” chuck to be rebuilt. The new spindle/chuck holds almost 12 pounds, whereas the used spindle/chuck holds at 5 pounds. Over time, the spindle/chuck loses its gripping strength. Repairs that replace the full turbine ensure your handpiece will last.


According to Dental-Ez, Inc patent, spindles should have “a tool pullout force of 3.3 pounds minimum.”  Both images above fall within the recommended threshold.   Spindles wear differently over time.  Spindles are integral to concentric rotation, noise during operation, and bur gripping strength.  Some aftermarket repair companies neglect replacing spindles due to cost.  Making this mistake will jeopardize the integrity of the turbine assembly.  The risks include early failure, low torque, and loose or no grip on burs.

All Turbine Makes and Models in Stock

True Spin Dental provides nationwide and worldwide service.  We complete repairs within 1-3 days after receiving approval.  We offer a 6 month warranty on all work and craftsmanship.

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